But I Want To Pay

There are lots of things I want that I can’t have because I lack the resources like a Viking range, a BMW X5 and washboard abs. Doesn’t mean I’m allowed to go out and steal them. Same goes for music, movies and video games. Just because I want the content and it’s convenient to steal doesn’t mean I should.

(via Studios Need To Replace BitTorrent, but users have to stop stealing)

There are two types of pirates: those who steal because they do not want to pay for the content and those who pirate because they do not have access to the content. If I wanted to go and buy a BMX X5, I’m pretty sure that BWM would be happy to “Shut up and take my money.”

I am still waiting on MLB to let me watch St. Louis Cardinals baseball from Tulsa, Oklahoma. At least they are on the local TV down here, so all I would need to do would be purchase a TV, but I have a computer. I would love to subscribe to HBO starting March 31st, but they won’t take my money either. Living in a dorm, I cannot just get a cable subscription run into my room. I also cannot subscribe online. 

I do not care to wait a year to watch the next season after Twitter spends Sunday nights spoiling each and every episode. John Gruber said this nice little bit about Apple’s business.

I have long argued that Apple’s business model is simple and seemingly obvious: make high-quality products that people want to buy and sell them for a profit. 

(via Apple as Bumblebee)

I would like to add that Apple makes it easy to buy stuff. Most everything on TV is crap, but there are some shows which I am willing to buy (and I do. Check my bank account). I still do not understand why I television networks and cable providers are against making great products and selling them easily to users (including me) for a profit….like Apple. 

Yes, I brought this back to Apple. Shut up.