Big 12 ADs discuss 10-team structure, possibilities | Tulsa World

Big 12 ADs discuss 10-team structure, possibilities | Tulsa World:

Forbes recently projected revenue conferences would generate this school year through network television deals, bowl games and NCAA tournaments. The Big 12 is expected to earn $262 million, which averages to $26.2 million for each of the 10 schools – the highest per-team average of any conference. 

(via The Tulsa World)

Honestly shocked that the Big 12 is making the most per school in the TV deals.

Bowlsby said there is evidence that dictates the league stay at 10 schools, and other that suggests getting bigger.

The question becomes, “Who else could the Big 12 add even if they wanted to add teams?” The Big 12 would want a school with an athletic program which can bring in more revenue and one which would not lower the quality of play in the conference. A bonus to the conference would be one which is also good academically. Any team which qualifies the necessary requirements to join the Big 12 has already moved or was already in the conference which best fits them.

This leaves schools from the Big East and below. I am still not sure where those Big East basketball only schools are going, but it is not the Big 12. Granted, with time and revenue from the Big 12’s media deals, a school could provide a higher quality team, but it is still unlikely that it would then have an increase in revenue enough to please the conference.

Stick with the ten teams the conference has now. Stay open to expansion if another school’s athletic program begins to approach the revenue and quality of play the Big 12 needs, but do not go hunting for something that is not there.

**I have more thoughts on this and reasons I believe these things, but each time I typed them on my computer, they did not seem to come out perfectly. I figure it would be best to get my point across followed by a discussion on Twitter or Facebook discussion whether or not people agree with my ideas and give me time to better formulate my ideas. This also gives me a chance to see if others are thinking the Big 12 should not expand as I do.