It’s Not About the Numbers

Apple’s Q1 Earnings: It’s Not About the Numbers | InvestorPlace:

Ironically, the least important aspect of Wednesday’s numbers are the numbers themselves. What the market really needs to see with Apple now (after the stock’s nearly 30% drubbing since mid-September) is that it has a compelling future rather than a desperate one — one with a new, hot, innovative product rather than a rehash of aging products.

(Via. Crazy People)

I did not know that iPad has been out for so damn long. It has not even been three years since the release. Most companies do not release something completely revolutionary every year. There was three years between the iPhone’s release and the iPad’s release. There was six years between the iPod and the iPhone. I think Wall Street needs to learn about patience.

Even if Apple was ready to release new things, it is not a great idea to release a bunch of new stuff all at once. For one, there is a ceiling for how much people can spend on Apple products at once. Even if there was more to be spent, maybe Wall Street just wants Apple to have more money in the bank, so that Apple can just dish it out to investors. I think they want Apple’s $140 billion now, rather than over time.

Greedy bastards.