Apple’s Better Than Expected, but Not Quarter

Apple ‘A Broken Company’:

Apple reported better-than-expected earnings, but its revenue fell slightly short of forecasts during the crucial holiday quarter.

Wall Street really should learn not to be so damn stupid. How the hell can a quarter be better than expected, but still fall short of the forecast. The way I read it, there are two possibilities. 

1) Either you all do not pay attention to your own work; saying whatever the hell you want.

2) You’re idiots.

Personally, I believe both. Scums also works for me too (watch Jan. 22nd’s episode of Frontline).

It also seems like that every time that Apple has an earnings report, Apple misses the forecast. These are almost always Wall Street’s forecasts, not Apple’s own forecasts though. Apple tends to under sell their earnings and profit, but Wall Street tends to over sell. My question is this: “Which forecast is CNBC looking at here?” I’m having trouble discovering Apple’s own forecasts though. Anyone want to help me out?